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Buy online Antibodies and Research Reagents

When I started my new lab, I needed a lot of new reagents and instruments.

Contact me if you want to buy pipettors from Capp or other lab instruments. I can guyde you to the best suppliers, manufacturers and distributor for Laboratory reagents for Research Use only.


You can buy nasal, rhinoid, eye research antibodies online in Germany for a good price per  50 ug, 100 ug, 200 ug per vial with sodium azide lyopilized. For Elisa these antibodies are not suited because the azide works as a biological glue. Also in vivo injecting this into mice would hurt them a lot. We use aside free pure antiserum for Elisa coating or in vivo research. Polyclonals for Western Blot or IHC are better with 0.5% of Sodium azide since this highers the expiration date. You can make your dilution and store it in the fridge every week. I personally first aliquote the vial in vials for weekly diluton into my work solution. Add some BSA, PBS for storage if it doesnt interfere with your experiment.

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We  are  every week  on  Monday  and  Friday  of each 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. for you  open . Here you can buy regular antibodies.

I can help you if you want to buy at reduce the cost Accu biotech vitamin  A, B, C Elisa kits, Viral NatTrols TM as PCR control for your diagnostic lab, Flow Cytotechnology antibodies for your facs like CD4, CD8 and other CD’s,  EY Laboratories antobodies, Accurate Biotech culture media.

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Ancient DNA Analysis. Female scientist holding micro tube with sample in ancient DNA laboratory.

These suppliers will deliver lab reagents to Academic labs in Canada, UK, USA, Pakistan, India, Dubai, West Himalaya, India, you name it!

Agarose tablets for electrophoresis, transilluminator batteries, cell counter microscope for T-cell, Dendritic, Cells, lymphocytes or to strudy Circadian Rhytm with Kronos Dio, the new incubater launched in 2020. Kronos is better than the Lumicycle because you have no need to put in into a wet incubator. Kronos has not the problem the moist could interfear with the electricity since the instrument is already an incubator. Alos the results for chemiluminescence are with Attos Kornos Dio superior to Lumicyle.

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If you have an antbody and want to make your own Elisa you can buy Generic Elisa test kits for coating you own proteins without restrictions of antigens. We suplly all types of coated plates from Biomat or Orla proteins and reagents like TMB solution and anti rabbit polyclonal antiobodies PE labelled for detection.

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The preserve, production, purification and characterization of an anti IgG antibody ? Online anti-Trypanosoma cruzi antibody determination by indirect immunofluorescence (IFI).

So where to buy Westen Blot Helper kit at lowest price? Alpha Diagniostics is the best supplier of Western Blot reagents. Dr. Ali Massarat has developped the best reagents in San Antonio, USA. Their website is 4adi.com We also advise the use of Intant blue for your western Blot coumassy straining. It is an acid stainw with Phosphoric acid and a sugar binding to the Coumassie blye so it will bind less easy but more specific to your proteins. Did you calculate what is the price if you are missing a protein bad? All your research results depend on discovering the tiny protein band at the expected kDa kilodalton protein weight. Buy protein ladders or makers, I can advise you the best supplier.

Ruby colored Salamonella bacteria
Culture of Salmonella bacteria.3 D illustration

So the Coomassie Blue, SYPRO Ruby (Invitrogen) bonus dyes for Protein staining are very useful for installing a new laboratory. I will advise you how to get installation bonusses for new labs.You can save up to 35 % when installing your new lab like this!

Electrophoresis Gel prices in India are very low. But the agarose is normally from Spain line Nusieve or Pronadisa. In India there are cheaper Chinese and Indian Sea weath aragoses that will perform well too!

Price for 8 OHdG Elisa? Orgininally these antobodies against small molecules where Japanese Specialities, Jaica. Now some other labs will supply less pure monoclonals against 8 OH dG for measuring Oxidative Stress.

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We have seen a lot of new 25-hydroxy vitamin D (25 (OHDELISA Kit suppliers in 2020! The prices are lower and lower. Dr Badury has the best antibodies. Biosource, Diasource and Immunosoure are also sources of Elisa kit. I can tell you the todays prices for each of the vitamin D Elisa kits suppliers and the detection limit. Especially if you need a good Elsa Reader and a lot of Vitamin D Elisa kits contact me.

We supply form India the best Elisa reader at low cost with Insurance from Robonik with Iso13485 certification. We are working on the FDA approval for usa not to be released in 2023. We will try with the SARS COV2 outbreak to accelerate the FDA approval to read COV2 Elisa’s

Awarness has the best Elisa readers at a highere price. You can buy Statfax. Directly from Awarness is not possible but some distributors give high discounts or free rental instruments on Elisa purchase basis.

Online Elisa kits prices
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Also Platypus Technologies antibodies buy in bulk is useful.

Novex buy precast gels but they now changed to Invitrigen, NuPage at the same low to medium price. Biorad is currently offering very low prices 2020 on SDS plyacrylamide gels.

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Where to buy calcium carbonate CaCO3 precipitation/filtration powder in South Africa? The easest is to get it from media Brussels in Europe or to use backery carbonate for your lab.

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Buy Broad Spectrum cell culture media for plant tissue culture especially for Orchids at Plant Biotechnologies Inc.

The National Diagnostics Accugel price for polyacrylamide gels for DNA research staid stable since this is a very old technique. Now more cappilar separations or precast gels are used. The Expedeon precast gels are the strongest and have the largest load volume. They come without comb! So do not panic, you do not nead a comb to do prein electrophoresis. It is much easier its only because Invitrogen and Biorad gels are not so strong they need a comb to prevent them form closing. Expedeon 12 % or radient SDS page gels will never have loading holes that close, Very easy try it!

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For bioactive proteins like Vasopressin Elisa kit, how much does it costs for a  96 well Elisa? Well the Elisa for Human diagnostics are usually very low in price. 45 Euro to maxmum 100 euro. Lots of Chinese suppliers relable them for animals. You can do a blast allignment of the antigen sequence and check the compatibility. It is stupid to pay 650 euro if the same kit can be bought for 65 euro. Contact my friend Vaslilyi Abaev, He knows all the price of all Elisa kit suppliers in the world by head. Unbelivable! If not he will blast the protein and guess your good luck. It s a kind of gambling using human Elisa kits on animal serum, but its the best bet you can make when it functions!

Nitrocellulose for WB in Germany. Mabe PVDF s a better support for your Western Blot transfer since the Nitrocellulose is inflamable. I have seen fire in research labs because of Westen Blot paper!

IHC gl;ass slides
Microbiology, technician working with IHC

Bulk antibodies for in Vivo mice studies 2 mg have to be azide free. Contact me for in vibo bulk antobody prices!

How Antibodies buy near me? Most manufacturers or supplier have a distributor in Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, USA. They deliver weekly and have really low prices. If you buy before friday its next week delivery. If you owuld buy it yourself overseas paying the shipping customs etcc will be really expensive.

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Buy antibodies online in Germany: Lots of sources can supply you antibodies. It is very important to keep track of the original manufacturer to have technical support. Dilutions, compatibility or false positives, reference samples, etcc…


Ethidium Bromide Dropper bottle buy online UK.

For bacterial cel culture

India Price Order

For immunology

Cytokines from Canada like Peprotech.

Buy E. coli recombinant proteins for cell culture online

BSA 600 gram for cell culture

FBS price

If you are into Molecular Biology you will need:

Agarose you can buy in University Stores Stockrooms

Best online antbodies 2020 for WB from Canada to Europe

Anti human CD4 priceline for Facs

Our blog about bioservices for your Andres Filipe’s Scientific Laboratory

Ethidiumbromide price in India

Cytosol antibodies in Canada

Precast gels retail price, Biorad 8 x 10 cm or Invitrogen 10 x 10 cm compatible

OXItek TBARS Assay Kit is for Research Purposes Only in Canada

maple syrup urine disease are also associated with genes on chromosome

CRISPR Mouse / Rat Embryo Injection -Ready

NatTrol UK Viral control

Academic work

40 gram of Agarose pre precast gel for India research labs

Agarose tablets are  used at 1 gram in Pakistan for run a DNA electrophoresis gel in the PCR lab

PCR cost? It is related to the Taq polymerase price.

200 mg of Cytokins is added to the fibroblast culture medium

ABI prism sequencing with Accugel and Sequagel

Free samples for your lab or contract rental CLIA workstation from Snibe Maglumi 800

Gel red is an alternative for Ethidium Bromide

Workstation Versa Machines automated viral RNA extraction.

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